Saturday, June 14, 2008

Turn your vacations into donations!

How It Works ...

It is elegantly simple. The participating company is given a personalized travel website for their members, sponsors, or donors can book travel, vacations, theater tickets, hotels, auto rentals, etc. through the site. The company receives 60% of the commissions generated by the 3rd party vendors. The site is designed using state of the art technology providing similar features to Expedia, Orbitz and others. These are bottom line dollars. Ask your CFO.

An organization is simply saying to its members and supporters, “All we are asking is that instead of booking your travel with someone else, book it with us. You will get the same prices or better and you will be helping a cause that you believe in.”

Start An Employee Travel Fund - Add New Benefits Programs

Have your employees book their personal travel and vacations through your travel site and use the commissions for employee programs like reducing day care center or health insurance costs, add a Christmas bonus check from their fund, have a picnic or cruise at the end of the year. Be creative. There are many ways give back to the employees and it doesn't cost the company a cent.

It's just like getting "FREE MONEY". You are going to book anyway aren't you? Why not take advantage of a unique business model that reimburses you. Think about the last check you received from Expedia or Orbitz thanking you for doing business with you.

We thank you every time!

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